Animation allows for great stories and perspectives to be told in an exciting and unique way.
We’re passionate about finding the core idea in every story, matching it with an appropriate style and making something great.

We offer all aspects of animation production including scripting, concept development, design, storyboarding, animation, audio and delivery.

For inspiration, below is a selection of our recent work.

Baltimore Innovations – Scientific Explainer

30th November 2016

Hamilton Fraser – Animating a Roundtable Discussion

25th November 2016

Bringing Document Authoring to Life – EasyPQQ

24th May 2016

iPad UI explainer video

20th April 2016

Our Animation Process

Scoping & Concept

We’ll start each project by gathering as much information as possible about your requirements. We’ll listen to your aims and outline the intended audience, deadline and approximate budget. From here, we’ll cost out the project and offer some mood boards to help choose an appropriate style.


The next stage is to create the all-important script. If you have notes, in any shape or form, we can develop these and get your feedback until the story and the tone are just right. Following this we’ll add animation notes to describe what will happen onscreen before getting your sign-off to proceed.


We’ll take the animation notes and create rough storyboard sketches to show you exactly what happens in each shot. These will be combined with a temporary in-house voiceover to create an animatic – a basic version of the video to show you the overall pacing. Alongside this, we’ll create several style frames to show how the final video will look.


Once you’re happy with the storyboards, it’s time to animate! We’ll create a short section for your approval before animating the rest of the video in the same style. Here’s the last chance to get revisions on the visuals before we add in the audio.


Getting the right audio is key. We’ll find some voiceover samples that fit the story and your brand, add a range of sound effects to bring the video to life and source a selection of music tracks. This will all be mixed together and EQ’d so it sounds utterly velvety.


Finally, we’ll make any necessary changes to the audio before delivering the video in a format that matches your technical requirements.

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