About Us

Most people don’t bother reading this page. We’re not sure why, because if we were picking a video agency, we’d want to snoop around and see who they were, whether we’d get on with them, and ask them a bit about how they work and what they’re best at.

But then, we’re not most people. And neither are you. In fact, I think we’d get on really well.

Here’s what we’ve been up to recently…

Here are four things we believe in.


The best work comes from asking the right questions, and being open to the answers. Doing things differently. Learning about obscure stuff, because you never know when it’ll be useful. And knowing the tools you use inside out.


We’re honest about what we think will work best for you, what you’ll be getting and when, what it’ll cost, and any of those snags which sometimes happen along the way.


We’re collaborative, iterative, and approachable at all times. We don’t put barriers between you and our friendly and communicative team, and we always listen.


When we say we’ll deliver something, we mean it. In over ten years we’ve never “dropped” a project, once. We’ll help you through the entire production process with costings, deadlines, and communication, applying rigorous quality control at every step.

Our Team

Nick Hill, Creative Director

Nick Hill

Creative Director

Nick founded No Magnolia in 2008, following a stint in radio and a shorter stint in visual effects. Besides stints, he oversees all our creative output, is our resident voiceover artist, and still sometimes finds time to animate or edit, just to keep his hand in. He likes music, storytelling, problem-solving, keeping clients happy and tea.
Neil Neenan, Head of Production

Neil Neenan

Head of Production

Neil’s an experienced camera operator in factual television, corporate film, outdoor broadcast and music videos, and had been one of our regular freelancers until becoming full time in 2016. He looks after all our live-action work, directing and producing as well as working on ideas for new projects. A self-proclaimed film nerd, he cites ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘The Big Lebowski’ as his favourite films. Neil’s hobbies include playing guitar and drinking all of the tea in the office.
Aidan Patterson, Lead Animator

Aidan Patterson

Lead Animator

Aidan’s keen interest in animation led to a degree in Digital Film & 3D Animation, before he became the tallest member of No Magnolia in 2010. Aidan’s inspiration comes from music and photography as well as films by Christopher Nolan, Edgar Wright and animated greats by Pixar. He also enjoys playing guitar, korfball, gaming, snowboarding and exploring new places with his wife and tiny tot.
Lou Aimes-Hill, Project & Account Manager

Lou Aimes-Hill

Project & Account Manager

Lou has been part of No Magnolia since conception, offering a helping hand and a listening ear. She comes to us with an MA in Music performance, a wealth of media, arts, events and education experience and a keen eye for detail. She loves music, pop culture, Bowie, Frida Kahlo and bakes the meanest vegan cakes in town.