Let’s collaborate.

Video can engage, entertain and educate. We’re dedicated to making great videos that tell every story in the best possible way.

Every video is different so we make sure to collaborate, listen and explore the options to create the best work possible.

Capita – Translation and Interpreting

15th February 2017

Exhibition Filming – Ecobuild

7th September 2016

Celebrating Achievements – Explore Learning #NowICan

19th August 2016

Licensing Expo Las Vegas

7th July 2016

Huntswood – Thought Leadership Videos

19th May 2016

Huntswood – Corporate Values Video

10th May 2016

Exploring Slow Motion – Explore Learning #BeGreat

10th September 2015

Our Video Production Process

Scoping & Concept

We begin your project by gaining a thorough understanding of your company, intended audience, deadlines, the aims of the video, and budgets. We then cost out the project and put together a proposal outlining what the project’s purpose is, our ideas for achieving this, and giving some options for the approaches we could take.


We now work up a script and/or storyboard, with your input. Where applicable, we’ll also recce the locations we’ll be filming at, and create a RAMS document prior to filming. We’ll also familiarise ourselves with the specifics of your products or services, your competitors, and any example work you or we may have supplied. As a last step, we’ll send out call sheets for each shoot day, which detail who’s involved, what’s being filmed, and what everyone’s responsibilities are.


On the shoot day(s), we generally travel light: a typical crew will be 1-3 people, depending on requirements, and might include a sound recordist, camera assistant and director as well as the camera operator. We welcome client input on the day, so if you’d like to supply a member of staff to accompany us as we shoot, please feel free.


Our first draft edit will often be too long, because it’ll contain everything that was originally requested; it will, however, tell the story in full, and you can then make any recommendations about which sections to trim down. We then integrate titles, animated graphics and captions, mix the audio, and carry out a colour grade, before delivering the final product in whichever format you need.

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