EasyPQQ Explainer

Propeller Studios approached us to create a fun and engaging explainer video to help explain what their software EasyPQQ can offer.

EasyPQQ is a cloud based document authoring solution that enables efficient creation of proposal documents. It includes tools to review content from multiple collaborators, project management tools as well as an intelligent search engine to quickly find relevant answers from previous submissions. It can also store your regularly used documents to be quickly attached to new proposals, as well as being able to add branding and colours to style every document, making sure that every document makes the best possible impression.

Getting Started

We collaborated with Propeller Studios to create a script for the EasyPQQ explainer to highlight the main features and benefits, aiming to keep the video concise and light-hearted.

Following this we got creative, putting together a selection of storyboards to outline the flow of the video.

Sample EasyPQQ storyboards

Sample EasyPQQ storyboards

The aim was to incorporate characters from their website into the video, helping to add a touch of humour. The storyboards were refined and then added into an ‘animatic’; essentially a rough version of the video created with storyboards, text descriptions and a temporary voiceover to show how the video could look, as well as how the characters would be animated.

The Animation Process

Once the storyboards were signed off, we animated the video in Adobe After Effects, sending over each completed section so that it could be approved.

The animation utilised several tools including Ease and Wizz, as well as the increasingly popular RubberHose plug-in, as covered in a previous blog post.

Animated characters highlight the benefits of using EasyPQQ

Animated characters highlight the benefits of using EasyPQQ

The characters helped to highlight key features of the software whilst adding a touch of humour, including the introduction section where a character gets frustrated with the time-consuming, manual creation of proposal documents.

A frustrated character within the explainer video for EasyPQQ

A frustrated character within the explainer video for EasyPQQ

To add the final polish to the video once it was approved, sound effects were added, including whooshes, clicks and bangs to emphasise the animation throughout. Then a final voiceover was recorded to round everything off and the final explainer was added to the EasyPQQ website.

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